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  • Scaling up new product and coating methodology.
  • Identified and outlined methods to achieve savings of about $ 1 million per year for an electronic chemical client.
  • Quadrupled capacity and reduced manufacturing cost by 40% for fluoro-polymers and surfactants at minimal investment.
  • Commercializing a technology that allows production of "colored liquids" without taking a sample "off-line" (traditional method) resulting in 15-25 % profitability improvement in GDP equivalent growth industries.
  • Reduced batch cycle time at a coating operation by 80% using a commercially available non-conventional technology that is about 25% of the cost of conventional technology.
  • Completed a global corrosion inhibitor study for a global multinational chemical company.
  • Identified potential savings of $750,000 for a Specialty Chemical company.
  • Developed and commercialized trivalent chrome corrosion inhibitors.
  • Developed and optimized electroplating chemical processes saving 25% cost.
  • Improved operating efficiency of a waste treatment plant by 40% without any investment.
  • Established global leadership by developing strategic alliances in digital imaging at 50% gross margin.
  • Improved product development process to reduce time to market to three months from nine months for a self-adhesive product line.
  • Maximized global patent protection and coverage to achieve exclusive relationship with customers.
  • Tracked and evaluated self adhesive and digital imaging technologies and recommend business opportunities.
  • Conceptualized and directed development of a single ply battery label with on battery tester.
  • Rationalized and reduced Dutch Boy Brands SKU's by 14% and identified 30% SKU reduction without loss of any business.
  • Conceived and commercialized a unique "convenience" home repair package for the retail market.
  • Conducted due diligence to acquire pilot plant for Sherwin Williams.
  • Conceptualized and demonstrated continuous paint manufacturing process producing consistent quality paint leading to raw material consolidation and lower cost.
  • Conceptualized, developed, tested, and implemented a semi-continuous paint manufacturing process that reduced costs by 40%.
  • Managed program to recycle obsolete paint to new products and other uses.
  • Managed chemical plant profitability from -3.7% to 7% in two years, by improving site revenue, productivity, and reducing manufacturing costs and inventories.
  • Implemented processing changes to double resin capacity and reduced operating time by 40% without any investment.
  • Reduced manufacturing cost of an antioxidant and saved $3.5 million.
  • Reduced antioxidant cost by 30% and doubled capacity without any capital investment.
  • Established quality circles; increased capacity without capital and saved over $500,000 per year.
  • Increased chemical intermediate capacity by 75% with a $40,000 investment, adding $1 million per year to factory profit.
  • Introduced operating procedures to improve corrosion inhibitor product quality resulting in doubling business.
  • Implemented Six Sigma type operating methods and procedures in 1979-80 to improve corrosion inhibitor capacity and quality resulting in doubling business.
  • Developed hydrocarbon emission standards for State of Illinois.
  • Developed Air pollution permit system for State of Illinois.