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"Girish’s work resulted in a ~ 4x volume increase in manufacturing of several products with no capital expenditure. Many can provide solutions with capital investment; few can provide solutions without. His efforts have led to manufacturing costs reductions in excess of 30%."
- Dr. Richard Thomas, OMNOVA solutions Inc.

"Girish thinks outside the box of conventional thought, and is very good at creating a new paradigm for any project he attacks."
- Dr. George Bufkin, President & CEO, Alchem Corporation

"One of the best consultants with whom I have ever worked and earns his salary on every project."
- Dr. Richard Thomas, OMNOVA solutions Inc.

"Many can provide solutions with capital investment; few can provide solutions without. [Epcot International's] efforts have led to manufacturing cost reductions in excess of 30%."
- Dr. Richard Thomas, OMNOVA solutions Inc.

"The commercial production of fluorosurfactants by OMNOVA is a new venture and something with which we struggled prior to Girish's consultation. Since then, technical transfer to manufacturing has been remarkably smooth and fast."
- Dr. Richard Thomas, OMNOVA solutions Inc.

"I asked Girish to take over a troubled chemical manufacturing plant and he helped lead it back to a profitable operation."
- Richard D. Hardy, President, XIM Products, Inc.

"[Epcot International] can attack and think through projects and problems with both experienced insight and a fresh new perspective."
- Richard D. Hardy, President, XIM Products, Inc.

"I wanted to drop you a note and compliment you on the (training) job you have done with my plant manager. We could not have done this without you and I would personally recommend your services to anyone who needed training for a plant manager."
- Charles E. Fuqua, President, Transtar Autobody Technologies, Inc.

Book Reviews

Chemical Process Simplification: Improving Productivity and Sustainability (Hardcover)

***** A good read for process engineers
Unusually for a technical book, this is a good read. It contains many instructive and interesting examples from the author's vast consulting experience. These provide useful insight for improving profitability and safety, and reducing impact on the environment. I recommend it for those designing plants or serving as process engineers in chemical processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

May 1, 2011 Dr. William R. Wilcox, Clarkson Distinguished Professor Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at

Chemical Process Simplification by Girish Malhotra (Highly Rated)
Every time a chemical company publishes statistics for how many m.t. of CO2 – or byproduct – it has saved in the past year, it always makes me question why the company hadn’t implemented such measures and saved on the financial and environmental costs years before. Often the limitation is access to capital. But the reasons are multiple and may include a lack of imagination when it comes to problem solving. Girish Malhotra in his new book ‘Chemical Process Simplification; Improving Productivity and Sustainability’ rips into a practical journey of how to innovate across the specialty and fine chemicals sectors. The key lesson is 'keep it simple.' President of consulting firm Epcot International, Malhotra is also an R&D veteran of a string of blue chip chemical companies and he details many of his most successful R&D and process development projects throughout his book.

Malhotra doesn’t rely on the 12 principles of green chemistry – as devised by chemists Paula Anastas and John C. Warner – to tell his story. What he does is provide a ‘sleeves-rolled-up’ version of what implementing green chemistry should actually look like at the chemical company level.

The book is full of good advice and observations from a career spanning decades at a range of companies as well as the Illinois EPA. He explodes more than a few myths along the way.

Malhotra provides his take on the pros and cons of batch and continuous processes, and picks out specific activities in the paint making, pesticides, simplification strategies, solvent selection, scale up and alternative route selection to name but a few.

If you are a chemist or chemical engineer involved in the specialty or fine chemicals sectors and you want to enhance your approach to process development then this is a book for you.

May 19, 2011 | By ALEX SCOTT, Executive Editor Web and Environment, Chemical Week, Chem Ideas

Chemical Process Simplification by Girish Malhotra
I like the way Mr. Malhotra thinks. He is able to think through complex issues and reduce them to much simpler concepts. In doing this he can apply a lot of common sense to multiple step chemical manufacturing. This book is a nice addition to the libraries of chemical engineers and manufacturing managers, and it should help them think more clearly about the issues they face in their challenging jobs.

Richard Hardy
XIM Products, Inc.
August 2, 2012